The blog aims to provide some small food for thought on aerospace. The post are pubblished both in Italian and English (depending on the matter, some posts are in a language only). This blog does not pretend to give the latest news or to cover the whole matter with exhaustiveness.
To this end, in the main menu there is a news section, which lists the RSS feeds of some major aerospace agencies and other sources of information.

In this site, three sections coexist:

  • the blog section
  • the news section
  • the Aerospace database

Select the section you like clicking a button in the side columns of this page.

The database provides a systemic view of the sector through dynamic charts, graphs and tables capable of producing any sort of aggregations or breakdowns on-the-fly.

The database includes:

more than 900 operational satellites

approximately 150 launchers

all the spaceport from where the satellites has been launched

nearly 400 key stakeholders in the sector