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-- READ CAREFULLY -- Known issues/problems - things to be done - inaccuracies

  1. Industrial policies and merging have widely characterized the picture of the aerospace field in the last few decades. The satellite prime-contractorship sometimes is attributed to the original industrial structure, sometimes to the new structure.This must be reviewed.
  2. For pan-european contractors a (greater) effort will be made to identify the business branch of any specific country. Some data are still unreliable.
  3. Satellites users and purposes should be checked more carefully, although the current data are an adequate first approximation.
  4. Currently, mass and power are available for about 2/3rd of the satellites: the relative graphs have only a demonstration porpouse.
  5. Currently the data are updated every three/four months. A real time data update is previewed in the next future.
  6. Some satellites have changed owners and name. They are still recognizable in their alternative names (e.g. Eutelsat fleet).