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Program Program Web site Program Wikipedia NSSTC ID NORAD ID Satellite Satellite alternative names Country Role type Stakeholder Stakeholder Acro Stakeholder Web site Stakeholder Wikipedia
Radio-M     1994-085A 23439 Radio-ROSTO Radio-ROSTO (RS-15, Radio Sputnik 15, Russian Defence, Sports and Technical Orga More ... Russian Federation owner/operator RS3A Control Station      
Radio-M     1994-085A 23439 Radio-ROSTO Radio-ROSTO (RS-15, Radio Sputnik 15, Russian Defence, Sports and Technical Orga More ... Russian Federation contractor Nilakt Posto      
Interstellar Boundary EXplorer     2008-051A 33401 Interstellar Boundary Explorer Interstellar Boundary EXplorer (IBEX) United States owner/operator NASA Goddard Space Flight Center      
Indian National Satellite     2007-037A 32050 INSAT 4CR INSAT 4CR (Indian National Satellite) India owner/operator Indian Space Research Organization ISRO Link Link
Satmex     1994-065A 23313 Satmex 4 Satmex 4 (Solidaridad 2) Mexico owner/operator Satelites Mexicanos S.A. de C.V.      
Gonets D1     1996-009A 23787 Gonets D1-1 Gonets D1-1 Russian Federation contractor NPO PM      
Potok     2000-036A 26394 Cosmos 2371 Potok 11/Geizer (Cosmos-2371, Geizer 22L) Russian Federation contractor NPO PM      
Globalstar     1999-031C 25772 Globalstar MO25 Globalstar MO25 (Globalstar 23) United States owner/operator Globalstar      
Orbcomm     2008-031F 33065 Orbcomm CDS 3-1 Orbcomm CDS 3-1 United States owner/operator ORBCOMM Inc.      
Navstar GPS     2004-045A 28474 USA 180 Navstar GPS 61 (Navstar SVN 61, GPS IIR-13, USA 180) United States contractor Lockheed Martin   Link Link
Meteor     2009-049A 35865 Meteor-M Meteor-M (Meteor-M1) Russian Federation owner/operator Russian Federal Service For Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring ROSHYDROMET Link Link
Iridium     1998-019A 25272 Iridium 55 Iridium 55 (Iridium SV055) United States owner/operator Iridium Satellite LLC      
Intelsat     2003-007A 27683 Intelsat 907 Intelsat 907 United States owner/operator Intelsat      
Hot Bird     2008-065A 33459 Hot Bird 9 Hot Bird 9 Europe owner/operator European Telecommunications Satellite Consortium EUTELSAT    
Glonass     2005-050A 28915 Cosmos 2419 Glonass 714 (Cosmos 2419) Russian Federation contractor NPO PM      
Paksat     1996-006A 23779 Paksat-1 Paksat-1 (Palapa C1, Anatolia 1) Pakistan owner/operator Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications      
Globalstar     1999-004C 25623 Globalstar FM38 Globalstar FM38 (Globalstar 11) United States owner/operator Globalstar      
NSS     1994-064A 23305 NSS-703 NSS-703 (Intelsat 703, Intelsat 7 F-3) United States owner/operator Intelsat      
Navstar GPS     1994-016A 23027 USA 100 Navstar GPS 36 (Navstar SVN 36, GPS 2-24, USA 100) United States contractor Rockwell International      
LatinSat     2002-058H 27612 LatinSat A LatinSat A United States contractor SpaceQuest      
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