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Program Program Web site Program Wikipedia NSSTC ID NORAD ID Satellite Satellite alternative names Country Role type Stakeholder Stakeholder Acro Stakeholder Web site Stakeholder Wikipedia
Radio-M     1994-085A 23439 Radio-ROSTO Radio-ROSTO (RS-15, Radio Sputnik 15, Russian Defence, Sports and Technical Orga More ... Russian Federation contractor Nilakt Posto      
Radio-M     1994-085A 23439 Radio-ROSTO Radio-ROSTO (RS-15, Radio Sputnik 15, Russian Defence, Sports and Technical Orga More ... Russian Federation owner/operator RS3A Control Station      
Yamal     2003-053B 28094 Yamal-201 Yamal-201 Russian Federation owner/operator Gazcom   Link  
Tracking and Data Relay Satellite     1993-003B 22314 TDRS-6 TDRS-6 (Tracking and Data Relay Satellite, TDRS-F) United States contractor TRW     Link
Eurobird     1996-067A 24665 Eurobird 9 Eurobird 9 (Hot Bird 2, Eutelsat 2-F8, Eutelsat HB2) Europe contractor Matra Marconi Space      
Superbird     2000-012A 26095 Superbird-B2 Superbird-B2 (Superbird 4) Japan owner/operator Space Communication Corporation      
Small Demonstration Satellite     2009-002C 33494 SDS-1 SDS-1 (Small Demonstration Satellite) Japan contractor Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA Link Link
Cluster quartet     2000-045B 26464 Tango Tango (part of Cluster quartet, Cluster 2 FM8) Germany contractor Dornier Systems      
Atlantic Bird     2001-042A 26927 Atlantic Bird 2 Atlantic Bird 2 Europe owner/operator European Telecommunications Satellite Consortium EUTELSAT    
AMC     2004-017A 28252 AMC-11 AMC-11 (Americom-11, GE 11) United States owner/operator SES Americom   Link  
WildBlue     2006-054A 29643 WildBlue 1 WildBlue 1 United States owner/operator WildBlue Communications      
FLTSATCOM     1989-077A 20253 USA 46 FLTSATCOM-8 (USA 46) United States contractor TRW     Link
Thuraya     2008-001A 32404 Thuraya 3 Thuraya 3 United States contractor Boeing Satellite Development Center   Link Link
EOS     2002-022A 27424 Aqua EOS-PM Aqua (Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer for EOS, EOS PM-1) United States owner/operator NASA Earth Sciences Enterprise      
Strela     2001-058A 27055 Cosmos 2384 Strela 3 (Cosmos-2384) tbi contractor eliminare      
Defense Meteorological Satellites Program     2006-050A 29522 USA 191 DMSP 5D-3 F17 (Defense Meteorological Satellites Program, USA 191) United States owner/operator National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA    
Shijian     2008-056A 33433 Shiyan 3 Shiyan 3 (SY3, Experimental Satellite 3) China owner/operator Chinese Academy of Space Technology CAST    
China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite     2003-049A 28057 China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite (CBERS 2) CBERS 2 (China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite, Zi Yuan 1-2) Brazil contractor Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais INPE    
Astra     1994-070A 23331 Astra 1D Astra 1D United States contractor Hughes   Link  
Express     2005-023A 28707 Express-AM3 Express-AM3 Russian Federation contractor NPO PM      
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