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Link of the week: Transparent World

July 17th, 2010

The story of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has demonstrated how the  lobbying ability of the energy  giants may endanger the environment. The Russian organization Transparent World faced this concern many years ago. Transparent World is a non-profit and non-governmental partnership that implements programs and projects for the scientific and applied environmental research, education, design, tourism and study of local lore, using Earth observation images from space. Information that could be of interest to the widest possible range of users, who would like to apply space images in their business, study or on vacation, are presented on their site.

The organization is keen on the social price of the potential environmental irresponsible behavior of timber, oil and gas and other resource extractive companies. It operates in cooperation with other organization, notably the Russian branch of  World Wildlife Fund (WWF). In order to achieve its goals, TW make a large usage of satellite imagery and GIS technologies. In particular some maps on Radar monitoring of the Russian shelf and on hazards of oil and gas extraction to ecosystems have been implemented. Completed and ongoing project are presented in this page.

Particularly interesting is the ongoing project “Landscape Impact Assessment of the Oil and Gas Industry in Russia” with the objectives : (i) to develop a comprehensive, objective and science-based protocol for assessing environmental and social consequences of oil and gas extraction using publicly available information and (ii) to assess the footprint of oil and gas extraction on terrestrial landscapes in Russia.

Only a major concern: the foreseen project duration was three year (2005-2008). It seems the project was not completed.

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