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Soft power in the new millennium for space faring countries

May 28th, 2010

Soft power is the ability to obtain what one wants through co-option and attraction. It is in contradistinction to ‘hard power‘, which is the use of coercion and payment. The expression and related theory was coined by Joseph Nye of Harvard University in a 1990 book, Bound to Lead: The Changing Nature of American Power. Professor Nye suggested that Obama adopted of a smart power approach, namely the ability to combine hard and soft power into a winning strategy. The proposal has been welcomed. Once more, at the Brookings Institution on Thursday, US Secretary of State Hillary declared the Obama Administration’s involvement for soft power:

… We are shifting from mostly direct exercise and application of power to a more sophisticated and difficult mix of indirect power and influence.

In the other side of the globe, China has long focused on the opportunity for the Country for a determined foreign policy based on soft power. In the book “Soft Power – China’s Emerging Strategy in International Politics, Mingjiang Li says:

In China, soft power has become one of the most frequently used phrases among political leaders, leading academics, and journalists.

A similar approach has taken hold in India. Ummu Salma Bava in “India’s Role in the Emerging World Order” says:

… [India’s] policy efforts are aimed at enhancing  India’s hard and soft power capabilities and capacities, which will ensure its strategic autonomy and also help to achieve great power status.

And what about aerospace? Again Mingjiang Li:

… since the early 2000s, China’s global charm offensive has paid off most handsomely in Africa … while Chinese aerospace Great Wall Industry has won the rights to build and launch a satellite for Nigeria, to take but a few examples out of hundreds of new deals.

More on soft power and aerospace in next posts. Stay tuned.

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